Moe-suu~ Today is finally the day where I start to talk about stuffs in Singapore. (Well, not really actually..) The topic that I want to share today is bookshops. I was wondering… People who share the same hobbies out there, whenever you want to get a certain new manga/novels, where would you actually get them? Well, I will use this post to share with you guys where do I actually purchase my books from.

As you can see from the picture above, that is one of our Singapore’s most largest book store ever, Kinokuniya. There are various branches but the one from the picture on top is a branch at Takashimaya, Orchard. Well, what I can say is that, this is a great shop if you are looking for books as they have a wide range of books that you can find for. In the past, I used to read Chinese mangas (I still do now..), so I would always go to this shop called ‘Comics Connection’ where you can find a decent range of Chinese mangas, and the good thing is that the shop can be located easily. But after a few years ever since I started collecting, Chinese translation is getting slower and slower and during that point of time, I have already studied some Japanese, so I decided to buy the Japanese ones instead of Chinese. I found out about this shop a few years back where I used to walked around the city area frequently and that day, I was pretty shock when I saw that the shop actually have a corner specially for Japanese books, mangas, magazines and etc. Which is why I have started to visit the shop regularly..

Last time, while I was ‘touring’ around Singapore, I also found another branch at Clarke Quay at this shopping center call Liang Court. This is a branch where most of the Japanese books can be found since their shipments of books will arrive at this branch first for processing and then brought two the other two branches which are the one at Takashimaya and the other one is at Bugis Junction. The branch at Liang Court will actually be harder to find for those people who don’t know about it, but making a few trips down will make you eventually remember about how to get there.

Recently just a few days back, Kinokuniya have a 20% off storewide for only a few days which just ended on 21 November. So I went down yesterday to grab some books… Recognize any books? Well, these are a few of those interesting series that I like and followed, but the ones on the picture are still quite new actually.. I am not going to do reviews about  the book as I have not read them, but if you are interested, you can search up for more information on the net itself as it must interest you.

Well, I have come to the end of my post for now.. I will try to not make my post long winded as it will bring boredom to some people and hope to make it as interesting as possible.. I also have to apologize for the not so good quality photos uploaded as I have trouble using my camera and I am still new to photography. But anyway, hope to see you again soon~